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Capturing Crucial Security Footage in Swindon, Wiltshire

Having CCTV cameras and systems installed at your property ensures that it is protected around the clock. Covering a variety of angles and any specific areas, we design and install CCTV systems around your requirements. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, we are also capable of assisting clients with existing systems by upgrading them with additional cameras and alarms.

Security for Employees

Protect Your Premises, Family, and Staff

Supplying a vast range of CCTV systems, we make sure that they are all adjusted and amended to fit your specific needs. From a home with a single camera, to a high-risk site with more than 20, we will monitor the specific areas of your property that you require. As part of our commitment to satisfy every client, we offer a range of security systems and features, including:

• Covert Cameras
• Integrated CCTV with Intruder and Access Control
• Cameras That Send Images to Your Mobile Phone
• External and Internal CCTV Cameras
• Remote CCTV for Monitoring Through Your PC via Local Networks or Broadband
• 24-Hour Monitoring of CCTV Systems to Allow Police Response
• Provision of Clear Pictures of Visitors to Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Premises
• Monitoring of Areas for Prevention of Harm to Staff or Patients from Intruders, e.g., Car Parks and Storerooms

Modern Camera Systems

Undertaking the design, installation, and maintenance of our widely accredited CCTV systems, we harness state-of-the-art technology to the benefit of our customers. Our modern surveillance and CCTV systems provide the following:

• High-Resolution Images
• Built-In CD Writers to Provide Second Recordings of Incidents
• Up to 12 Months Recording onto Hard Disk Networking with PCs
• Movement-Initiated Recording for Surveillance
• Fast Search Features
• Swift-Moving Cameras That Automatically Train and Focus on Opening Doors

Night Vision Camera
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